Control VMs via Telegram

Get a private virtual machine instantly or connect your own and access it via Telegram. Perfect for monitoring and development on the go or in limited connectivity situations.

SSH Terminal over Telegram

We built Loopback for developers and system administrators who want to access their infrastructure through messaging. We provide lightweight VMs that are available instantly for any job and through Telegram, so you can check up on your cluster, read logs, and even fix critical errors during flights or on the road. You can also connect your own machines directly to Telegram.

Available Instantly

Our machines are provisioned and fully ready within 300ms.

Available everywhere

We provide SSH over Telegram terminals that allow you to access your machine anywhere - on your phone, on metered connections, on flights, and while traveling.

Powerful machines

With our free tier, you get 2 cores, 2GB of RAM, SSD, and a fast internet connection.

What's possible through Telegram-SSH

Our customers already sent thousands of commands

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • What is Loopback?

      Loopback is a secure way of running terminal commands on a remote machine through Telegram. Loopback can either connect to existing machines via loopbackd or provision new virtual machines on the fly.

    • What is the purpose of Loopback?

      Loopback was created to address the issues of remote access to a terminal on the go.

    • What can Loopback be used for?

      Loopback can be used to monitor long running jobs on a cluster, check logs, start a CI job or run any terminal command.

    • What are the issue with remote access to terminal on the go?

      The issue is that we may not have access to our computer (and therefore the terminal), we may also not have a stable internet connection.

    • How does Loopback resolve the above issues?

      Loopback works as a messaging interface that is perfect for restricted networks (like airplanes). Loopback also provides an instant VM that can be used to run commands directly from a mobile device.

    • What kind of machines are you offering?

      We offer up to 16 cores, 64 GB RAM, Intel-based machines at this time.

    • Can I connect my existing machine to Telegram?

      Yes, check our download page for more information.

    • Can I use SSH to directly access the machine?

      Yes, Tailscale is preinstalled, configure with `tailscale up` then SSH directly when necessary.

    • What functionality is available?

      There is full root access and an unmetered internet connection so everything is possible.

    • Is it secure?

      All instances run in a fully isolated sandbox, so you can be sure that no one else can view or access your data.