Getting Started

Author: yakiro

With Loopback, you can run shell commands directly from messaging applications like Telegram, Whatsapp, Discord, etc.

It is handy for cases where you are connecting through a limited network, for example, during flights or while roaming, and whenever you need a terminal, but you are not near a computer.

The basics

* If you want to connect your own machine follow the instructions here: Loopbackd

Usage Examples

Python playground

Find yourself in the need for a quick coding session? you can start a python interpreter easily.

$ python3
>>> print("Hello World!")
>>> quit()

Running docker

Docker can also be used on the VM.

$ sudo apt -q -y install
$ sudo docker run hello-world

Access remote database with psql

Need to run a quick sql query on your server? no problem.

$ sudo apt -q -y install postgresql-client
$ psql postgres:// << EOF
$ select dbid, created, last from xref limit 5;

Basic text editing

Let's say that you need to update a configuration file on the go, and you don't have access to any computer.

$ sudo apt -q -y install git
$ git clone
$ sed -i 's/Good-bye./goodbye/g' example-scripts/

Download configuration file from S3

Accessing AWS resources is possible with awscli.

$ curl -s "" -o ""
$ sudo apt -q -y install unzip && unzip -q
$ sudo ./aws/install
$ aws s3 cp s3://somebucket/configuration.txt configuration.txt

Serve a file or directory over https with Ngrok

Very simple python-based HTTP server for demonstration purposes.

$ curl -s | sudo tee /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/ngrok.asc >/dev/null && echo "deb buster main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ngrok.list && sudo apt update && sudo apt install ngrok
$ mkdir test_server
$ cd test_server && echo "Hello World" >> index.html
$ python3 -m http.server 8080 &
$ ngrok -log=stdout 8080 > /dev/null &

Setup tailscale to access a remote machine via ssh

Tailscale is a "zero config" VPN service, Tailscale is pre-installed on the VM, so you just need to start it and you are ready to go

$ sudo tailscale up
$ tailscale ssh someuser@somehost


$ sudo apt -q -y install cowsay
$ cowsay hello

Wake On Lan

Waking up a remote machine.

$ sudo apt -y -q wakeonlan
$ wakeonlan -i [remote ip] [NIC mac address]


$ sudo apt -y -q dnsutils
$ dig

Run a python script from Github

python3 <(curl -s

Share with us your examples, at our Discord channel.